Assorted Herb Canvas Napkins $64.00

A set of four natural prewashed canvas napkins with hemmed edges. Fringed edges are available upon request- call for availability. These napkins are great for casual dining. Made in the USA Approx 20in x 20in Part of Herbs

Assorted Herb Lunch Napkins $48.00

A set of four cotton hemstitch napkins approx size 20in x 20in Part of Herbs

Herb Chives Quilt Square $15.00

A large quilt square approximately 14in x 15in. of 100% Kona Cotton Part of Herbs

Herb Chives Towel $18.00

A natural pre-washed cotton canvas towel with hang tab. Made in the USA 18in x 26in Part of Herbs

Herb Dinner Napkins $72.00

A set of four white cotton dinner damask napkins with swiss dot weave. Imported from Czech Republic they measure approximately 22in x 22in Part of Herbs

Herbs 2 Set of Four $20.00

A quilt square approximately 14“ x 15“ of Kona Cotton with 4 assorted images Part of Herbs, Whites

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